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Search Engines | Kid Search Engines | How to Search

There are many searching tools available. New, improved ones keep popping up, as others disappear. The purpose of this page is to give you access to as many as possible, along with some basic advice on searching strategies. Most search engines have content filters, and you may set your own preferences. 

Everyone has a few favorite search engines, here are mine:



Ixquick Metasearch

New York Times Navigator useful collection of resources

Popular Search Engines


Search Engines for Kids


Popular Directories:



1. Plan your search

  • Identify your concepts

  • Make a list of keywords or phrases

2. Decide which search tool to use

  • Use a subject directory when you want to research a broad topic

  • Use a subject directory when you are looking for lists of sites pertaining to your topic

  • Use a subject directory when you want lists recommended by experts

  • Use a search engine when you are seeking a particular site

  • Use a search engine when you want to research a narrow topic

  • Use a search engine when you are looking for specific types of documents

3. Use proper language and searching conventions

  • Check spelling

  • Use quotation marks around phrases or proper names

  • Search with Boolean logic using words such as: and, or, not, + to specify relationships among keywords

    • standards and language arts resources 

4. Check the directions given for each search engine

5. Experiment with different search engines

6. Try alternative terms or key words

Need more help?
Take a look at these web resources for more detailed searching information:

Finding Information of the Internet  - Tutorials from UC Berkeley

Bare Bones 101 -- A basic tutorial on Searching the web from USC Beaufort

Finding Information -- the basics from Learn the Net