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Here are just a few of the many excellent, free tutorials and how-to guides available on the Internet for teachers to use (either for themselves or with their students). Some are in the form of short video segments where the instructor demonstrates how to perform specific tasks or how to use the features of various programs. Others are text based with screen shots as a way of instruction. Take a few minutes to poke around and explore the possibilities. 

Tech Ease
A wonderful collection of useful tutorials for educators from The University of South Florida! Many "how-to" topics with step-by-step directions.

Take some time to explore this site because it is jam-packed with resources.

  • Online Practice Modules (Internet4Classrooms) This section contains a nice collection of tutorials  (with pre and post tests plus activities and projects). They are classroom oriented with grade level skills, and self paced modules. You can use these with your classes.
  • Entry Level Computer Skills (Internet4Classrooms) 
  • Technology Tutorials Found on the Web (Internet4Classrooms) - extensive collection of tutorials for a variety of applications -- Software training videos online

Atomic Learning This site contains a huge library of video tutorials (subscription required for full access, but many are free). Free complete tutorials include: Kidspiration, imovie, Windows Movie Maker 2, although each application offers a few free introductory video clips.

Learning software training video tutorials (FREE) for a variety of applications of interest to educators (MS Office, Inspiration, KidPix.)

Cathy's Presentation Resources lots of useful resources for Power Point and other presentation applications

Microsoft's How-to Articles learn how to use Microsoft software in the classroom -- many good ideas and tips. Also access Tutorials, Office Tips, Lesson Plans, and other Instructional Resources. Example: Create a Booklet .

Essential Microsoft Office XP Tutorials for Teachers -- nice site developed for pre-service and in-service teachers at University of Pittsburgh

Tech Tutorials -- free tutorials on a wide range of topics including Linux, handheld devices, databases, networking, etc.

Electric Teacher tutorials, projects, links

Net Day Compass Guide to Ed Tech Resources Computer Tutorials -- lots of goodies here such as: Windows XP tutorials, Windows Basics, how to find files, understanding Windows folders and file structure, Introduction to Linux, how to design a web page using MS Word, how to install an operating system, how to build a computer, etc.

Computer Literacy 101 -- the basics

Bob Bowman's Free Educational Technologies

Bob's Place of Educational Links
This site has education oriented tutorials on programs such as Hyperstudio, KidPix, PowerPoint, etc. , along with many lessons and projects.

actDEN Digital Education Network - software tutorials and online courses

Keyboarding Resources